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Rolling In The River

Skill Level

Step 3 - Intermediate


Ability to roll consistently in the pool or flatwater environment


$79 + gst


2 hours


14 + years

Instructor : Student ratio

1 : 5 (max)


Class II River

Start Time - Finish Time

6:00pm - 8:30pm


Canoe Meadows @ the Kananaskis River


The Rolling in the River program is an evening session for those wanting to dial in their flat water roll in a moving water environment.


The aim of this program is to take rolling skills learned from prior experience or courses and apply them to a moving water scenario.  Our instructors will detect and correct common (and less common) mistakes made by paddlers transitioning from a successful calm water roll to the more dynamic river situation.


After completing this course participants can expect to have a solid understanding of the key components to a successful moving water roll.  Instructors will give students tangible takeaway points to ensure future success.

 NOTE:  To take this course YOU MUST have a reliable flatwater roll.  If you have not yet achieved that a Mastering the Kayak Roll class is the next step in your rolling progression.

Session Dates

August 9, 2018Completed