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Aquabatics Calgary 8th Annual Kayak Film Competition

The time of year has come again that we start to cast our minds to winter sports and to saying goodbye to long summer days and time on the river.  However, the upside to that is our annual film ... Read More by Simon Coward September 15, 2018

Demo Boat Sale 2018

With summer coming to an end it is time for us to say goodbye to some of our demo boats. There are some incredible deals to be had on these used items that will have you set up to be on the water for ... Read More by Simon Coward September 5, 2018

Ambassador Update - Campout at Buck Lake

Hey there, Paddlers!   We're mid-way through the summer season, so I hope everyone is getting some descent paddling time on the waters surrounding us. I've been trying to get out as much as I can, ... Read More by Paul Kolman August 31, 2018

End of Season Sale

Although there is still a lot of paddling left his season it is that time of year again when we sadly have to acknowledge that the weather will soon be changing and peoples thoughts will drift to ... Read More by Simon Coward August 20, 2018

Ambassador Update - A Swimmers Tale

Did that actually just happen? I can’t believe I just did that. My head broke through the water and was instantly greeted by the roar of the swirling chaos around me. I was floating in a small ... Read More by Danny Gariepy August 15, 2018

Ambassador Update - Paul's Chain Lakes Excursion

Hey there paddlers. I am going to reflect on my first solo paddle of the season back on May 5th and a subsequent paddle on Chain Lakes. It was my first solo paddle in a long time. I do prefer to ... Read More by Paul Kolman July 21, 2018