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4th Annual Toby Creek Race

Alberta Slalom Canoe and Kayak, NRS, Dagger Kayaks and Aquabatics Calgary are super stoked to announce the 4th Annual Toby Creek Kayak Festival for 2018.  The dates for this years event are July ... Read More by Simon Coward October 7, 2018

Ambassador Update - Danny's Photography Tips

Danny Gariepy is back at it, this time with some really good kayak photography tips. All photos and words are ... Read More by Brandon Willms July 7, 2018

Outfitting the Dagger Phantom

So I have been paddling the Dagger Phantom for a few months now. I have now had a bunch of time to play with the outfitting and set up of the boat. Hopefully these thoughts can help you get your boat ... Read More by Tim Shaw July 5, 2018

The River Report - Pipestone River

Hey everyone!    Just got back from an eventful few days of paddling (and driving and faffing) this last week. Tim Shaw and I decided to make a mad dash out to Revelstoke as we got word through ... Read More by Brandon Willms June 21, 2018

Ambassador Update - Paul's Season Opener

   Hey all paddlers! I'm back and a lot happier than when I spoke with you last. Winter is finally over and there is plenty of open water for us to paddle. This blog, I am going to reflect back ... Read More by Brandon Willms June 18, 2018

Ambassador Update - Introducing Danny Gariepy

Hey Folks,  As promised, we are sharing a series of blog posts this year from our new Aquabatics Ambassador Team. It is my pleasure to welcome, Danny Gariepy to the team. Danny has been ... Read More by Brandon Willms May 28, 2018