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Wednesday Night SUP Meetup

This year we are stoked to be partnering with local Calgary company Kootenay PDL SUP.  Owner Adlai is a super keen SUP paddler, enjoying time on flatwater, river and whitewater paddling locales.  A ... Read More by Simon Coward May 17, 2018

NRS Pincher Creek Festival Sponsorship 2018

Born in 1972 by Bill Parks, setting out to supply quality gear to river runners. NRS is now an employee owned company, striving to provide quality river gear and support local paddlers. From PFD's ... Read More by Aquabatics Team May 14, 2018

Kokatat Pincher Creek Sponsorship 2018

Kokatat is a name synonymous with quality gear in the paddlesports industry.  Today Kokatat strives to be ‘green’ and continues to manufacture 90% of their products locally.   They have also ... Read More by Aquabatics Team May 14, 2018

Jackson Coosa FD Fishing Kayak Review

Having been out on the water a few times now this season I thought I would share my thoughts on this fantastic boat. From its stability, comfort, handling on the water, styling, the amazing pedal ... Read More by Andrew Watt May 9, 2018

Dagger Phantom Thoughts

Cover Photo: Anne Shaw It has been very exciting this past week. With the announcement of the RPM come back and finally paddling some harder water in the Phantom. Here in Alberta it is shaping up to ... Read More by Tim Shaw May 8, 2018

Ambassador Update
- Introducing Paul Kolman

Hey Water Folk, We at Aquabatics are stoked to have expanded our team this year! We are supporting a group of hand picked Ambassadors from the community who have shown a lot of drive in ... Read More by Brandon Willms May 1, 2018