Bending Branches Angler Classic Plus 2 pc. Fishing Paddle


Kayak fishing can be an addictive pastime. It sneaks up on you quietly, then completely hooks you. But getting there should be at least half the fun, and the Angler Classic is a first-class way to get there. A face-lift for the previous Slice Angler and a step-up from our entry level paddles, the Angler Classic is slightly lighter, but with classic Branches strength and style.

NOTE:  This model Includes the telescoping PLUS Ferrule System for maximum paddling efficiency for adjustable kayak fishing seats

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Blade Dimensions 6.9" x 17.5"
Lengths 230-245, 240-255 (cm
Intended Use Kayak Fishing
Blade Material epX Engineered Polymer
Shaft Material Fiberglass
Weight 34 oz

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  • Fiberglass shaft is warm on the hands and lightweight, yet extremely durable.
  • The epX Engineered Polymer blades are beefed-up for extra durability over cheaper plastic blades.
  • Built to free a snagged hook, a small groove in paddle blade helps rescue lures, pull in the big catch, and get the line out of snags like trees and rocks
  • Hi-vis tape measure printed on the shaft in both inches and centimeters
  • Composite ferrule, two piece fiberglass shaft
  • 0 and 60 degree left or right ferrule
  • Integrated hook retrieval system
  • Plus ferrule system allows for paddle length adjustments up to 15cms



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