Bending Branches Angler Optimus (Discontinued)


This kit transforms a Bending Branches Angler kayak paddle into a canoe paddle, stand-up paddle, 8 ft. push pole, or 8ft. stake-out pole, with a simple snap button changeover. Do more precise fishing with less effort.

*Not compatible with the Angler Scout.
*Not compatible with the PLUS ferrule models.

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Intended Use Kayak Fishing
Material Fiberglass
Shaft Material Fiberglass

Product info


  • Unlike some poling options on the market, the Angler Optimus doesn't require you to purchase the entire kayak paddle with it. Meaning, simply purchase the 8ft Optimus and add it to your Bending Branches arsenal. 
  • To make the SUP paddle, simply take-apart your kayak paddle and insert the Optimus SUP attachment into the left half of the kayak paddle.
  • To make the canoe paddle or seated trolling paddle, detach the t-grip and insert it into the right side of the kayak paddle, the female entry point.
  • The fiberglass shaft on the Optimus is the strongest to ever come from Bending Branches. When you’ll poling, the shaft will flex but not break.
  • The t-grip is carbon reinforced with nylon, which is the strongest injection molded material available. When push-poling, this grip can be jammed into most any surfaces and take the beating.
  • The t-grip is detachable and movable from one piece to another with it’s simply snap-button assembly.
  • If you don’t currently own a Bending Branches kayak paddle, the Optimus 8ft works great as a stand-alone push pole and stake-out pole.
  • Changing the configuration can be done in seconds with a simple, snap-button changeover.
  • The Angler Optimus SUP attachment turns your Bending Branches kayak paddle into the following SUP paddle sizes: 220cm = 80in, 230cm = 82in, 240cm = 84in, 250cm = 86in, 260cm = 88in.
  • Like all Bending Branches paddles, the Angler Optimus is hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin, USA.

Note: The Angler Optimus is only compatible with Bending Branches kayak paddles.

Note: The Angler Optimus is not compatible with the Angler Scout model or Angler models with the Plus ferrule system.