NRS Rush 2 Piece SUP Paddle


The NRS Rush SUP Paddle's midsize blade fits more paddlers and more styles of paddling. Fiberglass blade and shaft for lightweight durability.

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Blade Surface Area 625 sq cm / 97 sq in
Breakdown Yes - 2 pieces
Blade Shape Symmetrical
Length 68"-86" (173-218)
Intended Use Versatile Use - Kids
Blade Material Fiberglass
Shaft Material Fiberglass
Other Midsize teardrop shaped blades reduce torque - Low cadence shape gives you immediate power and good stability - Great shape for straight ahead tracking
Weight 64"-81"  is 20.48 oz  (581 g)
Blade Size 21.6 cm W x 45.75 cm L  (8.5" W x 18" L)

Product info


  • Fiberglass construction stands up to the wear and tear of river paddling.
  • The teardrop blade shape efficiently translates your power to the water.
  • The midsize blade reduces torque on your body for less paddling fatigue.
  • Easy Clip™ adjustable ferrule lets you precisely adjust the paddle length anywhere within its size range.
  • Ergonomic palm grip increases paddle control.
  • Seven-degree offset blade ensures a strong forward stroke and helps keep the blade from catching while surfing.
  • Adjustable length covers most paddler's heights and paddling styles. 68"-86" (173-218)
  • For surf or whitewater paddling, choose a paddle 20 cm longer than your height.
  • For touring/racing or fitness and Yoga, choose a paddle 25 cm longer than your height.

Product Tips

  • Adjustable ferrules are built with fine tolerances for a precise fit. Sand, silt or salt left inside the ferrule will interfere with adjustability. After each use, take the paddle apart and thoroughly rinse the ferrule with warm water. Dry before reassembling.