NRS Wedge Throw Bag 55' Green



Good things can come in small packages. The NRS Wedge Throw Bag is compact, so it fits in any space in your boat - no excuses for not carrying it. Always there for that vital rescue toss.

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  NRS Wedge Rescue Throw Bag
  How To: Stuff a Rescue Throw Bag


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Diameter Rope: 6 mm
Length Rope 16.8m
Material Rope: Polypropylene
Other Mesh side panels - Foam panels - Reflective tape
Weight 425 g

Product info


  • 16.8 m of floating 6 mm polypropylene gives you the reach you need to pluck that swimmer out of the water.
  • Compact, flattened shape slides easily inside your boat.
  • Foam panels inside the bag keep it afloat for safety and visibility.
  • Mesh sides on the bag give drainage and quick drying for the rope.
  • Bright colors and reflective tape make the bag highly visible for the rescuer and rescuee.
  • Max Load: 431 kgf (4.2 kN) (Maximum load indicated is for the rope alone knots may reduce weight capacity)